MV SeaWitch underway. Cruising speed 8.5 knots. Max Speed 10.5 knots

VESSEL DESIGN – how the vessel was born

Circa 1970-71 William Garden design house was hired by Cheoy Lee to design an ocean going power vessel. In Feb 1972 the Seamaster 47’ was born. According to the documentation that I have the boat yard project name for my vessel was “MAYFLOWER, thus I believe that my vessel  might’ve been the first one to be produced.  The hull number for my vessel is 2208. Rumour  has it that 8 of these vessels were produced from 1972 to 1974. This design was replaced by 48’ version that has no resemblance to William Garden design. Cheoy Lee Ship Yards at this time were located in Hong Kong. 


Original 1972 Brochure with Vessel Specifications.
Page 1


Original 1972 Brochure with Vessel Specifications.
Page 2

Previous Owners – who owned this boat over the years

The “MAYFLOWER” was initially purchased by Hollywood producer and was stationed at Marina Del Ray for number of years. The vessel was used mostly to host parties and rarely  left the dock. After the first owner past away, the vessel was forgotten for number of years until it was discovered by the estate and sold on estate sale. 

There are few pictures left from the second owner. The name “BUENA VISTA” is clearly visible on the stern of the vessel. It is not clear if that was the name inherited from the first owner or new one. After the second owner purchased the vessel, he decided to commence a refit as the vessel exterior was degraded during the years of little or no maintenance after the dead of the first owner. The vessel was brought up “on the hard” in Ventura ship yard, California, where sat for number of years  due to complications with the second owner family life. 


2001 – Castaway K in California just before the voyage north to Vancouver

In 2001 Garry Kleaman, from Burrard Yacht Club, North Vancouver, British Columbia, made an offer to the owner and acquire the vessel. The vessel was in negligent shape. Garry traveled down to California where he spent time getting the main system on the vessel operational in preparation to commence 1,145 nautical miles trip from Ventura up north to Vancouver, Canada. The trip north had some controversies,  and after small fire in the exhaust system and return back to the shipyard for repair, the vessel arrived in Canada where it was registered by the name “CASTAWAY K”


The maiden voyage of SeaWitch across Georgia Straight to
Degnan Bay on the Gulf Islands

In February 2004 we purchased the boat from Garry Kleaman. There was still plenty of work to do. Garry did few major project during the few years that he owned the boat. I have to give him credit for replacing all of the windows with Diamond Seaglaze aluminum frame tempered windows as well as some work in the cabins. The outside was painted by Garry’s wife Wendy Kleaman and the boat was looking somewhat refreshed. 

I was incredibly happy to acquire with the support of my lovely wife Annie, a vessel of such caliber. Cruising the oceans of the world has been a dream of mine for many years and finally we had the vessel that was capable of one day making my dream a reality.

We registered the vessel with Canadian Ship Registry under the name “SEAWITCH”, which the boat still proudly wears.   I didn’t waste much time and started immediately working on project after project.